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We know that there are a lot of hungry kids in Maine. Right now approximately 47,000 kids are dealing with food insecurity in our state. Lisa Liberatore is a natural helper and so is her son. When her son Dorian started kindergarten in the local public school Lisa asked the teacher, what do you need in the classroom? How can we help? The answer? Snacks!

Kids get meals from the school if they qualify, but snacks are a different story. Some kids can’t get to school in time for breakfast. Some kids don’t qualify, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hungry. 

Once Dorian saw how many kids in his own school didn’t have access to snacks or how many people went hungry every day, he asked what else could be done? Lisa suggested raising money and Dorian said, lets sell something! And we can use the money we earn to buy snacks! So that’s what we’re doing! 

D-Max's first fundraiser was selling a custom candle from Witchy Decor.  He was excited to sell 100 candles but his friends weren't interested in buying candles. He wanted to continue to help buy snacks for kids in need AND sell something that his friends will love ❤️ so D-Max Merch was created! A true kidpreneur, he is always finding opportunity to bring the community together to raise awareness and money for others. 

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D-Max serving Thanksgiving desserts at Manna.

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D-Max purchasing snacks for kids in need.

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